Online Science Fair – August 2020
Due to Covid-19, we have decided to run the 2020 Science Fair by posting entries online.
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Information for Students : Plan your Project

The Central Northland Science & Technology Fair is an exciting competition for students who are passionate about and excel in Science and Technology. In order to assist students to put their best foot forward, we have put together a guide to everything from choosing your category, to planning your project, to presenting your final exhibit. Find out more…

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Central Northland Science & Technology ONLINE Fair 2020

The 2020 Central Northland Science and Technology Fair will go ahead in August 2020, but not as you know it! We have decided to run the Science Fair by posting entries online. The idea is to keep things as simple as possible and changes made to the format will not necessarily carry through to next [Read More]

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Timeline: 2020

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Fair starts! 24.08.20

We recommend adding some of these key dates to your diary to keep you on track and get your project over the finish line…